TFlowlab - What is low-code?

What is Low-code?

In the first place, it should be noted that the skills required for the proper development of an application would have been an insurmountable barrier for most mortals. To start, you would need to know how to develop in a programming language. However, Low-code platforms reduce it and allow you to develop integrated applications within a professional environment, thus turning months into weeks.

In fact, making a Low-code application is exactly the same as making an application in any other environment. First you must define the functionality and create the data model, then develop the application and perform integration tests, launch the application, etc. However, there is a big difference: it is done from a single environment. In this way, the progress status can be viewed at all times and shared with the user without leaving the platform environment. Similar to developing from PowerPoint and being able to see how our presentation looks at all times.

What advantages do Low-code tools provide us?

By democratizing the development of applications, we can bring capabilities closer to the end customer that until now made it very difficult to work collaboratively. These include participation in screen-to-screen design or data model validation. In this way, the distance between the reality developed and the client’s expectations is eliminated, thus increasing the quality of the final product.

However, this way of programming is not without difficulty. Low-code does not mean no-code. It means that the code is localized and completely linked to each of the objects and the actions that we can develop with them.

Low-code platforms allow what used to be months to be reduced to weeks. Thus, the cost of implementation is reduced and it is easier for companies to be able to test the applications during their creation. Therefore, as it is hosted on the company’s own platform, it reduces dependency on third parties and ensures ownership of the data and the application itself.

On TFlowlab we promote the use of Low-code in order to improve the digital competitiveness of companies. In this way, they have control of their processes and related data, making it easy, fast and convenient and transferring knowledge to our clients. We create new lowcoders every day.

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