Smart data

Ensure informed decisions

Whenever you see a successful business, think that someone made a brave decision.

TFLowLab - Asegura decisiones informadas

At all levels within companies, decisions must be made.

The decisions that are made determine the success of the company.

Lack of information and loss of perspective can lead to making the wrong decisions, or worse, no decision at all.

At TFlowLab we will not make the decisions for you. We will help decisions to be made by providing relevant information to key people at the right time..

We are very clear about our goals in defining data-based solutions

To achieve the objectives we have a clear work methodology.

Process analisys

Definition of cause-effect relationships between data. Location of critical decision points.

Third party data

We integrate external sources enriching the data to reduce uncertainty.

Business intelligence

Use of Power BI, in a tailor-made corporate digital ecosystem.

Integration in apps

The data is displayed in apps that involve actions and decision making.

Notification system

Integrated notifications are developed in apps, using push messages, emails, SMS…

Artificial intelligence

We integrate solutions developed by our partners.

Transforming your organization has never been so...