Integrated and scalable digital solutions.


Integrated and scalable digital solutions. At TFlowLab we build digital platforms that propose improvements in our clients’ processes. Respecting our clients’ systems, we work by uniting information points, automating processes and squeezing all the value from corporate data. We believe that low-code platforms are a professional, valid and agile solution for the complete digitization of companies. Next, we tell you why.

Tflowlab - integrando - Soluciones digitales integradas y escalables

Companies have evolved by adapting multiple digital solutions from different providers to solve their business processes.


Tflowlab - integrando - Soluciones digitales integradas y escalables

This has caused a difficulty in accessing data, the creation of silos and the appearance of manual processes for the exchange of information between systems that affects productivity.

Tflowlab - integrando - Soluciones digitales integradas y escalables

Low Code platforms allow the rapid implementation of customized solutions, the integration of business data and the internalization of application development capacity.

“By 2023, 50% of medium and large companies will have developed Low Code Application Platforms as one of their main strategic digital assets“

TFlowlab's methodology

Comprehensive and scalable digital solutions. High quality in a minimum delivery time.

First, the analysis of the initial situation allows us to know the needs and the gap between the current situation and where we want to go. After an initial analysis, we propose a final application design. In addition, the intermediate steps to reach the vision will be taken into account. Thanks to the fact that the development of the applications is very agile, at first we can reproduce the initial situation of the client’s processes. Consequently, the resistance to change of the people involved is reduced to the maximum.

The implementation is based on a customer support processTFlowLab professionals monitor the use of applications and make improvements “on the fly”. This is possible due to the fact that we work very closely with the client and that the modification of the applications is carried out in hours. Next, the key users will be trained and, gradually, modifications will be introduced in the applications to reach the initially designed vision.

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