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Who we are

Our team has extensive experience in the area of ​​digital transformation and business management. We seek an innovative way to achieve our goals: control what happens in the organization, from analysis and activities to monitoring results. To this end, we develop digital platforms that allow us to manage business processes and data.

Oscar Puigdollers

TFlowlab - Descubre el entorno de TFlowLab - TFLowlab's ecosystem

Adrià Henarejos

TFlowlab - Descubre el entorno de TFlowLab - Adrià Henarejos

Why TFlowLab?

To us, Flow is the ability to continuously create value, overcoming challenges and growing, helping people and organizations to increase their levels of competence.

For this reason, we decided that the word Flow should be integrated into our essence as a company, followed by LAB (since we created the magic in our little “laboratory” 😉). You will ask yourself… and the T, where does it come from? Technology, Team, Technique, Talent… you can choose, the T is our wild card.

Our principles

Our goal as a company is customer satisfaction, which is why we place it at the center of all our decisions. Our work does not end until the client is 100% satisfied with the development of the initial agreements.

We believe in the person as the main value for organizations, for this reason we promote a model of labor conciliation, stability and continuous training. All this in a work environment where respect, commitment and honesty prevail.

Our team is in continuous training and growth, we are looking for professionals who meet our profile: curious people, who love technology, who are resolute and who are passionate about creating solutions.

Our environtment

Discover TFlowLab’s ecosystem! We want to surround ourselves with companies that, like us, are committed to new technologies, such as the creation of digital platforms through low-code and digitization as a pillar for providing value to our clients.

TFLowLab is a proud member of the main digital clusters in the national environment, being an active member of Smartech Cluster and TechBarcelona.

TFLOWLAB - Techbarcelona
Tech Barcelona
TFLowLab Smart tech
Smartech Clúster
Clúster Digital de Catalunya
Tech Barcelona
Tech Tourism Clúster Inovación y tecnología turística El futur es traveltech
Smartech Clúster

In order to offer the best possible service to our clients, we partner up with companies that complement the services and share the vision of TFlowLab. These are some of the collaborating companies in the TFlowLab environment.

TFlowlab - Descubre el entorno de TFlowLab - Mosaic Factor
Inteligencia Artificial
TFlowlab - Descubre el entorno de TFlowLab - Kwan Barcelona
TFlowlab - Descubre el entorno de TFlowLab - EOS Connectivity

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